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What’s the point of the High Street if the service is bad?

2013-04-24 13.02.13

This is the hand of the shop-owner in a local shop today. I’d been in the shop five minutes already. His first words to me were: “You can’t photograph that.” “But I want to show it to my wife?” I replied. “Do you have a brochure or photographs I can take away?” I added. “No.” He did then concede I could take a photograph with his permission. Too late. He’s lost my custom. Forever. I’m going shopping online. That’s an […]

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Stephen Loveridge – incorrect spelling

Stephen Loveridge is the incorrect spelling for my name. In my case, Steven is correctly spelled with a “v”. This post is placed here to help you. You may also notice it is an experiment in SEO – which has worked if you found your way correctly to my website through a misspelt search. Click here to go to my home page.

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Landslips and Landslides

Video thumbnail for youtube video Landslips and Landslides

I have lived all my life close to a stretch of land which all slipped into the sea on Christmas Eve in 1839 – along a length of three or four miles. This clip gives a tiny glimpse of what that must have been like: just a little scary! This video was shot in Cornwall at a place called North Cliffs.

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What is Quantitative Easing? Does it Just Refinance The Banks?

I hope someone can help with explaining exactly what quantitative easing is all about; and honestly say what the Bank of England really wants to achieve. As I understand it, the formal line is the Bank of England (aka a Government Quango) is going to set about buying up gilts and other government assets from banks, in the hope that this can encourage further lending, so encouraging further consumer spending and helping avert a recession. The claim is that this is […]

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